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New podcast: Kev & Steve’s Indie Publishing Adventure

Who said Twitter isn’t a good way to get the word out? I got a follow today and followed it to the page where you can see just who it is that followed you (me) out nowhere.  Lo and behold: an indie publishing podcast, newly minted.  What else am I going to do on a Friday night?

So I’m listening to it:


So far, sounds pretty cool.  Good voices, good personality.

** UPDATE **

Hey now — this was a very fun podcast. Sort of in the tradition of the “Self-Publishing Podcast” with Johnny/Sean/Dave, except more British and a little more focused.  Kev and Steve do talk about the craft a bit more, which I love. Also, they appear to be very aware of what’s going on in indie publishing, and they also follow the same podcasts that I do.  I’ll be listening to more.


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There are now 7 Fogland stories…

Kind of amazing.  Have you listened to any of them?  Imagine the fun of an audiobook without the time sink, nor the cost, and good authors to boot. Mix ’em all together and what’ve ya got?


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