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I’m loving this photo on Perihelionsf


Can’t post it here or they’ll sue me hehe, but it’s pretty cool nouveau old-school SF art.

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More Dell Zero news — Reviewed at PerihelionSF!


I’m chewing my heart out in envy. The other day she gets this neat video review, today she’s up in lights at a cool online science fiction magazine. What next?!

I told you these “Awesome Indies” were awesome 🙂

I’m told Dell Zero is going on sale today for a promotional period (99 cents). They usually drop the price by the afternoon some time, so be sure to check.

Sneak peak at this great review:

IF LITERARY THEMES ARE a sign of the times, dystopian fiction may be the canary in our coal mine. Stories celebrating social harmony and scientific advances are scarce as hen’s teeth, but the market explodes with cautionary tales that show our own society reflected in a futuristic dystopia. I don’t know if this signifies that most readers already feel we’re living in a bad (dys) place (topia). I do know it’s hard to find authentic characters in a compelling story no matter what the genre. In a field full of Brave New Knock-Offs, “Dell Zero” by Carol Ervin kicks all kinds of hindquarters.

Who is Dell Zero?




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Edyl review — Perihelion Science Fiction


Somehow I missed this.  It’s my damn word count happiness, I guess.  Anyway, if you get a chance, pop over to Perihelionsf and read Carol Kean’s wonderful review of Mark Capell’s book “Edyl: Island of Immortality”.



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