Best-of album ftw…

So what do your favorite bands do when they want to make a bunch of money but they don’t want to do any new work?  Why, they create a “best-of” album, of course. Or at least, they used to.  These days, a lot of people buy music one song at a time and make their own “album.”  Anyway, to those new to the blog, here’s what various family members, co-workers, luckless neighbors and fair-weather friends were forced to admit was “ok, I guess…we done here?”




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2 responses to “Best-of album ftw…

  1. Neat idea, and great analysis in that first line. Next, create a poll and let your millions of fans choose their favorite.

  2. Heh, I’m going to hold off on polls a little while, maybe till I can get a few more participants. 🙂

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