Lay it on me

“I got the blues.”

What kind of blues you got, John L. Monk?

“The kind that put you to sleep and wake you up again feelin’ blue blues.”

What do you do when you got the sleeping, waking up again feeling blue blues?

“When I got them kind of blues…I write.”

What do you mean, you write?  Write what?

“I write the low down, sleepin’ and wakin’ up again feelin’ blue blues…”

I’m not feeling nearly blue enough today, John L. Monk.  Lay it on me?

“I got the blues….the low down, sleepin’ and wakin’ up again feelin’ blue blues. I’m so damn tired, like my soul is mired, and I divide odd numbers by twos. I’m so blue…  So damn, stankin’ blue.  All because of the blues.  The busted up speakers and chewed up sneakers for shoes blues. Havin’ these blues can make a man mean. I’m a bluesy ol’ fellow ain’t never seen yellow that ain’t look a little bit green. All because of the blues…”

Fair enough.



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2 responses to “Lay it on me

  1. I heard someone plucking on a bass all the while I read this, John L. Monk.

  2. That was Plucky the bass player 🙂

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