First draft of Kick-2 is done (working title: Ride)

Spice Ralphie

Spice Ralphie

Just wanted to say it’s done(ish).  Still a lot of editing to do, lots of mistakes and inconsistencies to fix.  I mean, I have people’s hair color changing from one chapter to the next, and they’re not even teenagers.  But I did it, I finished the sequel to Kick, and I’m happy with the result.

I thought I’d spice-up my word count Ralphie this weekend.



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17 responses to “First draft of Kick-2 is done (working title: Ride)

  1. Congrats! The first draft is always the hardest for me, it’s such a relief when that’s done.

  2. Hang onto those 30K words, John. Never know what a little sifting for gold nuggets might turn up.
    Congrats on finishing Round One!

  3. P.T. Hylton

    I’m psyched! Congrats.

  4. Kudos! I enjoyed Kick so much, can’t wait to read the sequel.

  5. CaryLory

    Kick is just so refreshing and a terrific read. Any news about when Kick 2 will be finished? You are a very talented writer and I want to read all your stories. Any books before Kick?? Such a different concept. Love it!!!!

    • CaryLory, thank you for reading it. Also, your comment made my day.
      Books before Kick? Not published. After I release the sequel to Kick, there’s another book I may brush up and publish, but it isn’t like Kick. I may have to use a pen name for that, but I’ll certainly let folks know about it here on the blog.

      Not sure when the sequel will be out of editing and have a good cover, but I’m hoping within 2 months. Crossing my fingers.

      Thanks again 🙂

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