Author Interview: Harvey Click

Interview with Mr. Evil himself. Totally looking forward to “Demon Frenzy”.

Dirty Little Bookers

Thank you to our CALLING ALL INDIES! winner and new boogeyman for infiltrating our happy place with some pretty indelible horror imagery. Here we get to know a little bit about the mysterious writer/professor, and why he may never write again (NOOOOOOO!!!!!!). Enjoy.

DLB: What do you want readers to find when they open The Bad Box?

HC: A dark jewel with many facets. I want them to be constantly entertained to the last page, often chilled to the bone, and at least occasionally moved. Horror needs to be entertaining, thrilling, and scary or else it’s not worth reading. But I think a good horror novel should also have a resonance that lasts after the last page is turned. What interests me most in the horror genre is the element of the fantastic, and I think the resonance I’m talking about requires this element.

Some people say that supernatural…

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