“Hard Mode” is unleashed!

Hey all three of you! Just doing my required “Yes, I wrote another book” post. My guess is you were wondering when it was coming and I’m here to tell you, “It came! It came!” Yes, Hard Mode is out, sales are humming a-long, and I’m feeling pumped. Get it? Double ententre, double the fun. (Now that’s what I call “beating” a dead horse.)

In all seriousness, this is book 2 of the “Chronicles of Ethan,” a completed series in the “LitRPG” and “GameLit” genres. A story about a man who enters a game world in a future where old people “retire” into a computer-based existence. Each book publishes at the same time as the audiobook, which took some work, but it came out great. Really great narrator, too — Travis Baldree.

If the story tempts you, hover your pointer over the link below and poke it vigorously!



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4 responses to ““Hard Mode” is unleashed!

  1. Love the cover. Sounds interesting. Glad to see you’re still publishing.

    • Hey, you! Been too long. How you been these days? You still pubbing? I haven’t kept up with the blog scene at all in the last few years.

      • I haven’t been paying attention either lol. I’ve been publishing under my SciFi romance pen name, but a couple months back Amazon moved my biggest seller into the erotica dungeon and my sales more than halved. It’s been pretty demoralizing. I’ve got one more book to write in my current series, hoping to write it in January after all the holidays are over. Then I’ll probably move to writing non romance.

      • Yikes, sorry to hear about the dungeon! Silly how they do that. Hope your non-romance stuff sells 🙂

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