Underpowered Howard

So I have a new book out, and it’s called “Underpowered Howard.” LitRPG, which means it’s set in a virtual game world where attributes and scores and points and all that matter. A little like Scott Pilgrim or Ready Player One, but with more attention to numbers. There’s a lot more to the story than math, though, or else I never would have written it. It’s funny, has great characters, and I tried to inject a degree of literary depth into the story beyond what one might expect.



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5 responses to “Underpowered Howard

  1. Congratulations. I ordered this for my niece, who likes sci-fy and is also a bit of a gamer.

  2. Kryssi74

    Hello, I just finished Underpowered Howard, and I loved it! I was wondering if you plan to continue the story?

    • Kryssi,
      I’m delighted you liked the book! I did too, lol. As for continuing the story, if you mean the story of Mythian, then the answer is yes, or at least that’s the plan. Howard’s story is for the most part done. My general plan is to write stories in the Mythian universe, with cameos here and there by Howard and others you’ve read about. This keeps the motivations of the main characters truer, in my opinion. They’re not returning in new books with arguably forced motivations that serve me (money) more than the readers.
      You may know that there’s another series with Ethan (the god) as the main character, though of course we know he becomes a god at some point, don’t we? Still, with his story, I think the destination isn’t as important as the ride.
      Take care, and thanks for reaching out!

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