Magic Times

Are you a reader who likes good writing — great writing? Literary writing that isn’t incredibly annoying because it takes 12 pages to describe the shade of pink someone is wearing and the backstory around it?
I recommend Harvey Click a lot because I’m amazed that he’s not a household name at this point with his horror. But he also wrote a very weird literary/magical/humorous novel that I tore through, despite it having a surprisingly “unlikable” main character. Get this: I plan to read it again. I can’t think of very many authors I’d say that about to be honest. David Eddings … Raymond E. Feist … Cormac McCarthy … Nathan Lowell recently … 1 book by Stephen King (The Long Walk) … Larry Niven (Inferno) …
That’s about it. Anyway, here’s the book. Again, if you’re looking for something compelling as hell, but way different than the straightforward schlock Big Publishing dishes out to us, you might like:


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