I don’t like to B.R.A.G, but…I won a major award!

No, not this one — I got a B.R.A.G medallion for Kick. They have something going on kind of like my Awesome Indie Project, where they promote indie books that meet their standards. Now I want to create a medallion made for my Awesome Indies! :)  I wonder if any would put it on their books… Ah well, I’ll never actually make one, so let’s just say “of course they would” and move along.

Here’s what the folks at B.R.A.G look at:KICK Plot, Writing Style, Characters, Copy editing, Dialogue, Cover/Interior layout.

I’m working on getting the medallion updated for the book, because hey, why not? It’s a nice little graphic and I appreciate what these folks do for indies. In addition to a medallion, they also put the book on their site, and have written reviews for Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads (at the moment, the B&N one is still processing). Lots of other things, too, like displaying the book when they do trade shows, facebook stuff, tweeting, and some other cool things I forget.

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One of my Awesome Fans, and new Facebook friend, reading “Kick”

Amy’s a really cool fan who reached out to me a few months ago on Facebook to say hi. She’s really into cosplay and lives in the faraway mythical land of England. Here she is reading my ancient grimoire “Kick.”



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My picture for “Indie Author Pride Day”

Today, indie authors around the world will pose with their books for “Indie Author Pride Day.” Hat Tip to Lindy Moone for telling me about it.

The following picture is not safe for work — or in Japan, where I’m known as “John-zilla” and people run from me:


The Twitter hashtags:




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Watching what I’m not eating…

What kind of crummy blog would this be if I didn’t post stuff about my diet? Unlike Dan Jenkins (main character of my book “Kick”) I have to watch what I eat. Or not eat, in this case.



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How cool? A fantasy novel by Awesome Indie Harvey Click

I can’t get enough of this guy’s books, and now he’s gone and written a fantasy novel. I’m knee deep in edits and beta-reading for my 3rd Jenkins Cycle book, and I have P.T. Hylton’s 3rd book and now this one by Click staring at me going “Neener neener neener!” It’s not fair, dammit.


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Indies With Undies

John L. Monk:

If you have the time, read the whole thing. If you don’t have the time, you should wear a watch.

Originally posted on Belly-up!:

DEAR READERS, WRITERS, and people who stumbled upon this blog because of its most popular post ever (“You Can’t Shave a Vagina”):

I am proud to be an Indie Author, and Indie Pride Day is July 1st. What happens on Indie Pride Day? Look, I made a pretty poster to tell you all about it, and there are no vaginas in sight:
Indie Books Be Seen posterA friend asked me today: what is an Indie Author? My definition of an Indie Author is either a self-published author (one who publishes directly, through Amazon and other online outlets), or an author who publishes through a small “independent” publishing house.

Indies are the folks who refuse to submit query after query for months or years to try to get an literary agent. Having an agent is a necessity if you want a book to even be considered by an editor at the big publishing houses.

Here’s a rough…

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Book Three of the Jenkins Cycle is available for pre-order on iBooks

A happy bit of news: “Hopper House,” book three of The Jenkins Cycle, is available for pre-order on iBooks.  I didn’t do Amazon (yet) because of their draconian pre-order rules. I may put something up later though, we’ll see.

The book’s official release date is August 15. I’d hoped to get it out in July, but that didn’t give me enough time for professional editing, so I pushed it back.

And so, without further ado, here’s the cover (designed by author and scientist E.E. Giorgi) and a link to the book over on Apple iBooks:



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