Demon Frenzy by Harvey Click

John L. Monk:

Carol Kean reviews Awesome Indie Harvey Click — please go there and have a look. Be sure to hit ‘like’ and/or reblog :)

Originally posted on carolkean:

I have a bone to pick with Harvey Click.

DISCLAIMER: I did not have to read this book. I do not owe any author a review of this book. I don’t know Harvey Click from Twitter.  I do know him from Adam, because his name and author bio are right here at amazon.

Here’s another thing: I don’t even like horror stories or movies. And another thing: dozens of authors have sent me books in hopes of scoring a review, and most get buried deep in my Kindle. So how did this book rise to the top of my queue without any pleading or nudging from anyone?

“Demon Frenzy” popped up in the Free Today list from Kindle.  The cover is grotesque: 

I wouldn’t even have read the synopsis, but my peripheral vision and speed-reading skills are so phenomenal,*a sister in search of her lost brother* (Ding! Ding! Ding!) caught fire…

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Indie Authors: Where Are They Now? (Part 3)

John L. Monk:

Carol Ervin’s series on the Awesome Indies continues!

Originally posted on Carol Ervin's Author Site:

One of the best characteristics of humanity is our desire and ability to create. Another is our willingness to share. Think of that the next time you wonder what the world is coming to.

Every day I’m blessed by the ideas and products of creative people–actors and artists, carpenters, cooks, engineers, mechanics, musicians, scientists, video producers, writers (to name only a few). And though the Internet is used for some terrible stuff, so much that’s good is freely shared via this medium.

Authors are my particular interest in the creative spectrum, especially authors who are doing it all themselves and doing it well. This post continues my investigation of John L. Monk’s “awesome indies.” The subject for today: P. T. Hylton, author of Regulation 19 (at this date 99 Amazon customer reviews averaging 4.5) and the newly-released A Place Without Shadows (If you hurry, you could be the first to review!)shadows

Like so many indie writers, P…

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P.T. Hylton News — “A Place Without Shadows” is now available

PWS_web_cover-188x300I read an early copy of this book and was floored — what an incredible sequel in a fun, fascinating series. For those of you who haven’t read book one and would like to know a little more about it, here’s my review: Regulation 19.

Both books are fast reads, and you sort of forget you’re reading a book — which is great, because we all hate books right? :)

Haha, kidding (now go buy my books).



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Sunday Word Count (0)

It’s that time again where nobody cares about my blog but me :)  Yes, I’ll begin posting my word counts every week, on Sunday, with either a Ralphie if I break 7k words in 7 days, or a Scut Farkus if I don’t. All the editing and post-publication “stuff” is done for Fool’s Ride, and it’s time to keep on keepin’ on.  Can’t be a writer if I don’t write, can’t be an author if I don’t auth.

There is no word count for today because I’ve been mostly working out the plot of the next book. However, that still counts as “working on the book” and so my word count this time around is something like “zero.”  So here he is, Scut Farkus, in all his yellow-eyed glory:

(he has yellow eyes!)

(he has yellow eyes!)


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Official Release: “Fool’s Ride” — Book Two of The Jenkins Cycle

fools_rideThough the cat has been completely scared out of the bag by Carol Kean and P.T. Hylton (thanks!), I still think I should give an official send-off to “Fool’s Ride” — Book Two of The Jenkins Cycle.

Amazon Blurb:

Dan Jenkins is back, body hopping a scumbag at a time in his quest for the perfect ride. He doesn’t need much. Premium cable TV, good books, a well-stocked pantry, and he’s set. But the Great Whomever has other plans.

After six months waiting in limbo, Dan catches a ride as a horror novelist whose gruesome stories aren’t just fiction. Later, he hunts a man who’s escaped justice for far too long. Then, in his greatest challenge yet, he strays too deeply into the lives of the people he loves: his most foolish ride of all.

Compelling stuff, hmm? Makes you wanna buy the series for everyone in your address book, hmm? As blurbs go, I was a little worried when I wrote it — I didn’t want Amazon’s staff banning me for unleashing this devastating coupe de plume on their unsuspecting customers. But seriously, imagine if I’d flipped my writery wattage to eleven? Millions of people around the world would go bankrupt overnight from clicking “Buy! Buy!” over and over again. When the dust settled, emergency workers would find them slumped at their computers, exhausted and starved, clicking clicking clicking, staring forever at dark visions none can comprehend. Whew, huh? If you think about it, the world sort of owes me a little. But whatever.

Three Amazing facts about “Fool’s Ride” you’ll find only at

  1. The stuff about stealing from Safeway was taken from my own experiences (all true).
  2. The author (me) used to work as a security guard while attending college in the 90s. I leveraged all that sitting around I did into one of the most action packed sequences of sitting around you’ll ever find in print.
  3. Like teenage Dan, I really did used to show up late for my first class every day — but you’ll have to read the book to find out why (sorry Amazon, I’m trying to tone down the wattage here, but… can’t… control.. my marketing powers…)

If you haven’t read book one yet, you can find it here: Kick, by John L. Monk. Don’t worry — this blurb has been cleared as safe for most readers.


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Another Great Box Set I’m In! #horror

John L. Monk:

Just picked this up for when I finally get time to read something. Incredible deal — 99 cents for 8 books.

Originally posted on Armand Rosamilia:

Yep, I’m in another great box set with some great authors. I’ve been very lucky to have been part of three of them with author Mark Tufo so far… and hoping we do many more in the future together. But wait… there’s more than just Mark and I to peruse… 

First, the latest one… and only 99 cents!

Hallowed Horror


The supernatural comes to life in this limited edition box set. Featuring some of the best names in horror working with some amazing new talent, this collection is full of terror and suspense.

This set includes 10 paranormal stories of ghosts, demons, vampires, shifters, and witches. Grab your copy today. Any paranormal occult fan will love the creatures crawling within Hallowed Horror.

The Spirit Clearing – Mark Tufo
All the Little Children – Christine Sutton
Fangs in Vain – Scott Nicholson
The Unsaintly – Lisa Vasquez
Generation Evil – Eric…

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Indie Authors: Where are they now? (Part two)

John L. Monk:

If you’ve read Part One, great. If not, heads up: Carol Ervin’s doing an amazing little blog series on the “Awesome Indies.”
I absolutely love what she had to say about Lindy Moone. Lindy’s so talented, she makes me wanna just sit down in the street and moan, “Why should I even bother…”

Originally posted on Carol Ervin's Author Site:

The first “awesome” indie writer John L Monk discovered was Lindy Moone, but I found her first. Among all authors I’ve met in real and online life, I judge Lindy as the most talented and most fearless.

Currently Lindy has set aside writing the sequel to her novel Hyperlink from Hell in order to edit, format and illustrate For Whom the Bell Trolls, which she calls “a charity antrollogy” with contributions from 24 indie authors. Of these writers she says “Some of the authors are well-known. Some are just not well, not well at all. Some are hiding under their beds, or possibly bridges. (Some should be.)”troll cover for Carol

Did you get that? Editing, formatting, and illustrating–for charity. Plus Lindy selected the contributors, cajoled, critiqued, kept them laughing, and held them together to the finish.

Net proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit Equality Now, an international charity that works…

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