Another Great Box Set I’m In! #horror

John L. Monk:

Just picked this up for when I finally get time to read something. Incredible deal — 99 cents for 8 books.

Originally posted on Armand Rosamilia:

Yep, I’m in another great box set with some great authors. I’ve been very lucky to have been part of three of them with author Mark Tufo so far… and hoping we do many more in the future together. But wait… there’s more than just Mark and I to peruse… 

First, the latest one… and only 99 cents!

Hallowed Horror


The supernatural comes to life in this limited edition box set. Featuring some of the best names in horror working with some amazing new talent, this collection is full of terror and suspense.

This set includes 10 paranormal stories of ghosts, demons, vampires, shifters, and witches. Grab your copy today. Any paranormal occult fan will love the creatures crawling within Hallowed Horror.

The Spirit Clearing – Mark Tufo
All the Little Children – Christine Sutton
Fangs in Vain – Scott Nicholson
The Unsaintly – Lisa Vasquez
Generation Evil – Eric…

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Indie Authors: Where are they now? (Part two)

John L. Monk:

If you’ve read Part One, great. If not, heads up: Carol Ervin’s doing an amazing little blog series on the “Awesome Indies.”
I absolutely love what she had to say about Lindy Moone. Lindy’s so talented, she makes me wanna just sit down in the street and moan, “Why should I even bother…”

Originally posted on Carol Ervin's Author Site:

The first “awesome” indie writer John L Monk discovered was Lindy Moone, but I found her first. Among all authors I’ve met in real and online life, I judge Lindy as the most talented and most fearless.

Currently Lindy has set aside writing the sequel to her novel Hyperlink from Hell in order to edit, format and illustrate For Whom the Bell Trolls, which she calls “a charity antrollogy” with contributions from 24 indie authors. Of these writers she says “Some of the authors are well-known. Some are just not well, not well at all. Some are hiding under their beds, or possibly bridges. (Some should be.)”troll cover for Carol

Did you get that? Editing, formatting, and illustrating–for charity. Plus Lindy selected the contributors, cajoled, critiqued, kept them laughing, and held them together to the finish.

Net proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit Equality Now, an international charity that works…

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“Fool’s Ride” by John L Monk (Creepy creepy glorious!)

John L. Monk:

Ok, so I was going to do this big shiny post on how the sequel to “Kick” was now for sale, and then a wonderful reviewer who’s already read a copy published a review on her blog (please go there, witness her heavenly prose, hit ‘like,’ relblog — win millions of karma points).
So yeah — I published the sequel. It’s called “Fool’s Ride” — currently available only on Amazon.
I will write more about it later.

Originally posted on carolkean:

Joy ride, or freaky, creepy carnival ride: come along.

Daniel Jenkins repeatedly returns to earth in human form to atone for his sins and deliver some good old-fashioned, oh, so gratifying, vigilante justice. Fans of Kick (The Jenkins Cycle Book 1) know Dan committed suicide while in college, bleeding all over the bedding of the girl who’d jilted him. Horrors! What in the world could entice me to spend a whole novel in the point of view of a thoughtless, self-pitying loser like Dan? Does the writer even live who could interest me in this guy’s miserable hereafter? Yes, yes, and yes again.

.Product Details    Fool's Ride (The Jenkins Cycle Book 2)Fool’s Ride (The Jenkins Cycle Book 2)

Alas, poor Dan. He comprehends the magnitude of his stupid act of suicide. His guilt is so stupendous, he somehow finds himself entering the body of a living human man. What happens to the guy’s soul while Dan…

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Indie Authors: Where Are They Now? (Part One)

John L. Monk:

Hey there — an Awesome Indie update from an Awesome Indie!

Originally posted on Carol Ervin's Author Site:

The explosion of self-published books makes me think every third reader has just been waiting for a chance to be a writer. And guess what, people are buying and enjoying self-published books. It’s true.

I won’t review or contest all the moaning and groaning from the media about this phenomenon, though I’ll admit that having a desire to write and a good story to tell doesn’t always end in a well-written, properly formatted book. But: freedom to publish. Who can argue with that? Oh, that’s right, people with money to lose: publishers and agents.

Indie ebooks are cheap because authors can set their own price and earn up to 70 percent royalty from Amazon.

Some critics complain as though the rabble has been set loose. I heard a traditionally-published author protest that cheap ebooks threaten the industry, and without the guidance of editors and publishers, literature will decline. Well, la di da. In my humble opinion, very little…

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House of Worms, by Harvey Click — Free Today!

House-of-WormsI’ve now read 2 books by Harvey Click and, hands down, he is my favorite horror novelist. I really love his writing.  Today, House of Worms is on sale.  Haven’t read it yet, looking forward to it though.  If you like it, maybe leave him a review — spread the evil wide and far.


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Sell More Books Show — 40-50 minutes of informational bliss

My only complaint about this wonderful podcast is I wish it was longer.  On the plus side, I can consume these episodes over my lunch break. The show always starts with the hosts throwing it back and forth, but always about something in the world of self-publishing. They don’t waste your time. It closes with a top 5 breakdown of the hottest self-pub news stories.  Highly recommended.

The hosts:

jim_03Jim Kukral of Author Marketing Club: the pessimist of the show, he delights in bashing  new-fangled schemes and/or tricks to get sales. If he’s not saying it like it is, he’s not happy — and it’s a blast to listen to. Someone has to keep me from giving all my hard-earned money to scammers and hucksters, right?  That’s this guy.


Bryan Cohen: he’s fun, he’s peppy, he’s always happy to listen to what’s new and go “how cool — tell me more!” Like Jim, he’s an author in his own right, with a productive writing schedule. He also listens to podcasts for 2 hours a day, which keeps him in the loop on all things self-publishing.

Together they make a great team, keeping it lively, and sharing gobs of “actual news” sure to delight and inform indie-minded folks. This podcast is as close to an industry newsletter as I’ve seen since starting down the self-pub path a little more than a year ago.


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Go ahead and take the bait!

John L. Monk:

Free today, but wanted to also say: wow…talk about a great cover, huh? Makes me wanna slap my momma.

Originally posted on YOURS IN STORYTELLING...:

Okay – so my short novel TROLLING LURES is available for free today and tomorrow.

Check out the cover from talented cover artist KEITH DRAWS.

Check out the cover from talented cover artist KEITH DRAWS.

Trolling Lures asks and answers just what exactly would happen if the Trickster Coyote of native mythology ran into a Norse Troll, fresh out of Asgard.

Here’s what some folks are saying about TROLLING LURES.

“Trolling Lures is a campfire tale on speed, a heady cocktail of remorse, discovery and the quest for redemption, couched in equal parts bedtime story and fever dream. It is surrealism personified, and if you’re into that sort of thing, Vernon has a treat for you.” – Dark Scribe Magazine

“Steve Vernon manages to wrap up about six varieties of weird in this story. You’ve got a talking trickster god who likes to switch between being a coyote and a Mountie along with a couple of ghosts getting it on…

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