You have to check out Dan C. Rinnert’s thing

Check this thing out:

Check out all the credits on the side :)

I got this because I subscribed to “Dan’s Lame Newsletter.”


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Discoverability with Kristine Kathryn Rush

stephen_campbellOk, so the interviewer mentions me in the beginning, but I honestly thought it was a great interview for indie authors and recommend listening. This guy Stephen Campbell seems to be knocking them out of the park with his interviews. Last time with Russell Blake, this time with K Rush.


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Another thing to hate about traditional publishing

brian_thomsenI went to recommend a book to a friend today and the damn thing’s out of print:

This is a book I’d like to read again one day.  Nevermind the dumb reviews — it’s a great book. Lots of Easter Eggs for anyone over 40 yrs old.

Dammit, gonna buy it.

*Update: the Internet’s an amazing thing, but sometimes it breaks your heart. The poor man died in 2008. *

*Update 2: the book arrives in the mail in about 5 days in “very good” condition.*


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E.E. Giorgi — Scientist, Artist, Writer: 8 Things Authors Should Know About Viruses

E.E. Giorgi, who recently did a book cover for a short story I released under the pen name “J.M. Waltz,” has written a fascinating guest blog post about viruses: 8 Things Authors Should Know About Viruses.  If you only know 3 things, go there to find out the 5 you’re missing! :)


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First draft of Kick-3 is now done

Spice Ralphie

Spice Ralphie

So I just polished off the last line of the last chapter of the book, and the first draft is done.  There are still some holes in the story, some small spots I skipped writing to maintain momentum.  There’s still a ton of rewriting and fixing and hedging and pruning and weeding I need to do. I think I also want to write an epilogue, because the other two books had one and I like consistency (the hobgoblin of small minds, as well as the thing I most like about pudding).

From this point on, until publication, I won’t be posting any more word count updates. I’m also going to be working on finishing another story while I let this one rest. I’d like to publish that one before Kick-3 because it’s been sitting in a drawer for a few years now — and because someone is working on a cool cover for it :)


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Another interview with Russell Blake

I pretty much enjoy all the interviews with Russell Blake, and am about to listen to this one now.


This guy really digs in and asks good questions based on pre-show research, etc.


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Sunday Word Count: out sick (3k)

(he has yellow eyes!)

(he has yellow eyes!)

What a weird last couple of days.  I thought I had the flu on Friday — weakness, nausea — and found out I had intestinal issues on Saturday. Then I went to the hospital, where they suspected blockage (based on a CT scan) and put me up for the day/night.  I’m fine now, no signs of blockage or what the issue was, just that there was an issue. I got home about 30 minutes ago.

Official word count:

2k for a short story draft I did for my Goodreads group (Proactive Destruction) but didn’t get to submit because I never got to edit it.

1k for my Jenkins Cycle book 3.



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