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Made it to the next round in the “Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award” contest

abnaI was hesitant to post this on the blog because getting to round 2 has nothing to do with the actual book part of the book.  What you do is pitch the story as if you were pitching it to a publisher. Apparently, out of the 10,000 entrants, they liked mine and 1999 other pitches.  I can’t help but feel bad for the other 8,000 people who didn’t get picked.

Still, it’s pretty cool.

From now until April 14, I can still enjoy that feeling you get when you play the lottery on Monday: like I’m walking around with THE winning ticket.  I still get to dream of all the things I’ll buy with the $50,000 Grand Prize.

Things I can buy with $50,000:

  • 50,000 cheeseburgers off McDonald’s $1 menu.
  • An awesome, tricked-out gaming computer for $5,000, and 45,000 cheeseburgers off McDonald’s $1 menu.
  • A gallon of gas in 2025.
  • I could quit my job and write full time for a year, see how that goes (wife won’t let me).
  • New car? Naa…
  • European vacation?  Definitely, though with a side-trip to Malta for a week.
  • Charity…uh…sure…(whistle).
  • Or instead of the European vacation, a camper for road trips.


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