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ABNA samples — free to download (and review)

So as everyone in North America knows by now, I made the quarter finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. The way it works is the entrant submits a pitch, a few chapters, and the full document.  Then Amazon’s specially selected reviewers read each piece and decide who goes forward. After that, the samples are all posted on Amazon (just search for “ABNA” to see them all).  They’re all available right now.

Here’s mine:


Part of the decision process on who goes forward toward the Grand Prize is based on reader reaction (reviews). There are a lot of samples still there that haven’t gotten any reviews (mine included).  So if you have time, please download and review as many as you have time for.




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Made it to the next round in the “Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award” contest

abnaI was hesitant to post this on the blog because getting to round 2 has nothing to do with the actual book part of the book.  What you do is pitch the story as if you were pitching it to a publisher. Apparently, out of the 10,000 entrants, they liked mine and 1999 other pitches.  I can’t help but feel bad for the other 8,000 people who didn’t get picked.

Still, it’s pretty cool.

From now until April 14, I can still enjoy that feeling you get when you play the lottery on Monday: like I’m walking around with THE winning ticket.  I still get to dream of all the things I’ll buy with the $50,000 Grand Prize.

Things I can buy with $50,000:

  • 50,000 cheeseburgers off McDonald’s $1 menu.
  • An awesome, tricked-out gaming computer for $5,000, and 45,000 cheeseburgers off McDonald’s $1 menu.
  • A gallon of gas in 2025.
  • I could quit my job and write full time for a year, see how that goes (wife won’t let me).
  • New car? Naa…
  • European vacation?  Definitely, though with a side-trip to Malta for a week.
  • Charity…uh…sure…(whistle).
  • Or instead of the European vacation, a camper for road trips.


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