Hell’s Children — the sequel!

Just wanted to let folks know: the draft of the sequel is done. I’ll release the name when I put it up for preorder in about a month and a half (I need more time to brush it up before giving it to the editors). It’s a real doozy, by the way 🙂




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9 responses to “Hell’s Children — the sequel!

  1. Johanna Rae

    So excited! Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Fantastic I can’t wait to read it! I loved the first book and was really hoping for a sequel.

  3. Steven

    I loved Hell’s Children and will certainly read the sequel, but my true love is Dan Jenkins. Any plans for his future?

    • Dan Jenkins shall ride again! One day… Seriously. I loved writing about Dan’s adventures and plan to again. But not anytime soon. Economics and art rarely align 😦

      • Steven

        Ah, I hear that. I guess post-apocalyptic survival thrillers that don’t involve zombies are a little more current than Quantum Leap meets Dexter, after all

  4. to by

    when will it be released?? loved the first book and cant wait for the second

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