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“Hopper House” launched today

A messaghopper_housee to fans of the The Jenkins Cycle:

I’m happy to announce that “Hopper House” went live last night at the stroke of midnight. The pre-order was a big success, especially over on Apple, where it hit #2 this morning in the Paranormal category.

The series has been a bit hard to categorize. Horror? Paranormal? Contemporary Fantasy? As I think about it, “A Little Of Everything” sounds about right. But try as I might, I can’t find that section at any of the bookstores I go to. What that ultimately means is: “The Jenkins Cycle” is hard for new readers to discover.

Right now, I’m not sure how long until the next book comes out. That said, I greatly appreciate your interest in my books and your patience between releases. Anything you can do to spread the word (by sharing with family, friends, and colleagues, and/or by leaving reviews) would really help with discoverability. And I’d be forever grateful.

~ John

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Vine Voice reviewer Carol Kean’s epic article on Dystopian Sci-Fi

I felt my brain grow two sizes too big reading this wonderful article. Can’t say I have a problem with dystopian sci-fi, but I definitely think she’s onto something, and recommend this to lovers and haters of the genre alike:

Great quote:
Chicken Little Syndrome may not have a place in the DSM-5 Manual of psychological disorders, but it spreads faster than Bird Flu and Ebola. The chicken story began twenty-five centuries ago as a rabbit, by the way. The wise Buddha was trying to teach people to keep cool and carry on, as we say today. In his parable, a rabbit hears the noise of a falling fruit and instigates a stampede among the other animals—“the world is coming to an end!”—until a lion halts them, investigates the cause of the panic and restores calm.

I like that lion. I like his lesson on the value of deductive reasoning and investigation.


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Nick Cole taps John L. Monk to ride shotgun in the zombie apocalypse

Check out this hilarious interview with Apocalypse Weird creator Nick Cole:

As you can see, Nick’s a very intelligent guy who knows a good zombie hunter when he sees one. You know my motto: “The only good zombie is a dead zombie.”


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I don’t like to B.R.A.G, but…I won a major award!

No, not this one — I got a B.R.A.G medallion for Kick. They have something going on kind of like my Awesome Indie Project, where they promote indie books that meet their standards. Now I want to create a medallion made for my Awesome Indies! 🙂  I wonder if any would put it on their books… Ah well, I’ll never actually make one, so let’s just say “of course they would” and move along.

Here’s what the folks at B.R.A.G look at:KICK Plot, Writing Style, Characters, Copy editing, Dialogue, Cover/Interior layout.

I’m working on getting the medallion updated for the book, because hey, why not? It’s a nice little graphic and I appreciate what these folks do for indies. In addition to a medallion, they also put the book on their site, and have written reviews for Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads (at the moment, the B&N one is still processing). Lots of other things, too, like displaying the book when they do trade shows, facebook stuff, tweeting, and some other cool things I forget.


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One of my Awesome Fans, and new Facebook friend, reading “Kick”

Amy’s a really cool fan who reached out to me a few months ago on Facebook to say hi. She’s really into cosplay and lives in the faraway mythical land of England. Here she is reading my ancient grimoire “Kick.”



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Watching what I’m not eating…

What kind of crummy blog would this be if I didn’t post stuff about my diet? Unlike Dan Jenkins (main character of my book “Kick”) I have to watch what I eat. Or not eat, in this case.



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More iBooks news — #43 in Mysteries and Thrillers

* UPDATE 1* — Isn’t it cool how Lee Child’s book and mine sort of match? I love unintentional awesomeness. (cover design by Lindy Moone)

* Update 2 * — I didn’t want to spam people with another screenshot post, so I’ll just post today’s here. Thief’s Odyssey is at #38 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 8.43.16 AM

* Update 3 * — 32 this morning!  I think this might be my last day in this promotion. Won’t know till later this afternoon.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.20.13 AM

Original post:

What a great Sunday. Better than that other Sunday — last Sunday. That was the Sunday where I hadn’t sold anything on iBooks since putting my book there a month ago. Haha, those days are gone, never to come again. I’ve already quit my job and taken out a loan for a private jet. Not just any private jet — this one’s a prototype developed by NASA.

Before I get carried away, here’s the latest screen shot, which I took using my brand new 120 processor super computer (also developed by NASA):

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 10.30.30 AM


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