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News updates: health, book covers, paperbacks

I’d originally started this blog as a blog, but really it’s more of a news site these days for whatever’s going on in my publishing adventures (thus the lack of regular posts). But there has been a little news in the last month, and here it is:

News 1: Weight loss/Health

Despite not being a blogger, I did start a bloggy sort of thing the other day — a weight loss challenge. If you’re curious, you can read my first post on my wife’s blog: John’s Little Problem.  I’ll be posting something there every Monday.

News 2: New Covers

The old covers were cool, but book 1’s looked a little like a karate book, in my opinion. Couple that with the name “Kick,” and I think I was turning a lot of folks away who might have enjoyed reading a story about a body-hopping dead guy with a fast food habit (who also fights evil). So I went out and re-branded the series. Here, have a look: new covers.

News 3: Paperbacks

Being an indie author, it’s super easy to forget about paperbacks because so much of our sales come from ebooks. For a reader to buy a paperback, one or more of the following has to happen:

  1. the reader has to love reading paperbacks.
  2. the reader has to know the author exists.
  3. the reader has to discover the book in a book store.
  4. the reader loved the ebook so much she just had to buy the paperback.

I’m sure there are other reasons (gifts, pet termites, book burnings, etc.). The point is, I’ve neglected all these folks for far too long. Also, it just looks cool having my books in multiple formats. As of now, all the Jenkins Cycle books are available in both ebook and paperback. For “Kick,” the audiobook will be out hopefully before summer, that’s all I can promise right now. I’ll get around to publishing “Thief’s Odyssey” in paperback when my designer, Lindy Moone, frees up a little time.




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Watching what I’m not eating…

What kind of crummy blog would this be if I didn’t post stuff about my diet? Unlike Dan Jenkins (main character of my book “Kick”) I have to watch what I eat. Or not eat, in this case.



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100 Random Thoughts On Dropping 100 Pounds


I’m down 4 pounds this past week, bringing my total weight loss to 102 pounds!

Normally I post my weight info on the same day as weigh-ins, and I expected to do the same Saturday morning. But after stepping off that scale I immediately knew it wasn’t going to be like any other day.

You’d think I’d be jumping for joy once I reached that milestone. Losing 100 pounds is a big moment for sure, but celebrating was the farthest thing from my mind.

Yes, I crossed the century mark, but my journey is far from over. I started jotting down random thoughts and lessons I learned (some hard and some outright silly) and what I need to do to keep me on my path.

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I love elipseseseses.  They always make things seem more interesting.  Except when used…to…excess…(…).

Some updates:

1) For anyone who followed and read my Carbivorous Rex post over on dot2trot,  you’ll be happy to know I walked past an absolutely delicious-looking cake from a party someone threw.  Normally I’d load up 2 pieces on a plate and shoot back to my desk, then grab my coffee cup and go fill up and grab another piece and bring that back with me.  Today?  Nada.  Didn’t even feel the urge.  The weirdest thing? I miss the urge.

2) Just heard back from my ecover designer.  He said he’d have 2 options available today sometime.  I expect 3d holographic projections and special inks that glow in the dark.  I’ll let you know…

3) I’ve just finished a major mark-up of my latest work in progress–a book about a thief.  Working title: Thief’s Odyssey. I hope to get the edits in today, but it’ll probably take 2-3 days since “Life Happens” when you get home.


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Carbivorous Rex

Carbivorous Rex.

My wife has graciously allowed me to guest blog over at Dot2Trot.

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