Author jitters!

Awesome Indie Carol Ervin launched a new book! She’s amazing, if you haven’t read her. She’s even more amazing if you had. Go check it out!

Welcome to the Mountain Women Series

It’s LAUNCH DAY, and launching a new book is always scary. My immediate launch worries are probably unfounded–mainly that parts of pages or even chapters may be lost in translation from one digital file format to another. So I check and recheck. Fortunately, both Microsoft Word (the original document format) and Kindle Direct Publishing (which converts the file to an ebook) have always been very reliable. Women's-War.Final

I have other worries which you might imagine, the kinds of things that would be my fault, but let’s not get into those.

The new book is number four in the Mountain Women Series. I hope it can be a stand-alone, though there’s a lot of past history for a new reader to catch up on. At the suggestion of my friend Michele, this time I included a list of characters in the front.

The new book is The Women’s War, and here’s what it’s about:

In 1918, Winkler…

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