Reblog: A new book for indie publishers and wannabes

That’s what she said!

Welcome to the Mountain Women Series

Podcaster, audiobook narrator and author Simon Whistler has become a well-known name among indie authors. His new book, Bootstrapping for Indies: Self-Publishing on a Budget, presents a different and radical approach to self-publishing–the “bootstrapping mindset.” It’s an easy introduction to independent publishing.bootstrapping.jpb

The ebook is currently 99 cents on Amazon, and free to download from

Everybody won’t like or be able to follow Whistler’s suggestions, but they’ll be great solutions for others. After all, Whistler closely follows the indie publishing world and has interviewed and interacted with hundreds of successful indie authors. I’m not a publishing newbie, but I made notes to myself of good things to do to save money and increase visibility.

Whistler’s book should give a lot of encouragement to those who are thinking of “going indie.” Be sure to read to the end—you can do it in a few hours.

See reviews on Amazon.


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