Go ahead and take the bait!

Free today, but wanted to also say: wow…talk about a great cover, huh? Makes me wanna slap my momma.


Okay – so my short novel TROLLING LURES is available for free today and tomorrow.

Check out the cover from talented cover artist KEITH DRAWS. Check out the cover from talented cover artist KEITH DRAWS.

Trolling Lures asks and answers just what exactly would happen if the Trickster Coyote of native mythology ran into a Norse Troll, fresh out of Asgard.

Here’s what some folks are saying about TROLLING LURES.

“Trolling Lures is a campfire tale on speed, a heady cocktail of remorse, discovery and the quest for redemption, couched in equal parts bedtime story and fever dream. It is surrealism personified, and if you’re into that sort of thing, Vernon has a treat for you.” – Dark Scribe Magazine

“Steve Vernon manages to wrap up about six varieties of weird in this story. You’ve got a talking trickster god who likes to switch between being a coyote and a Mountie along with a couple of ghosts getting it on…

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2 responses to “Go ahead and take the bait!

  1. Thanks for the re-blog, John.

    The cover was definitely slap-your-momma brilliant. If your readers want to check out the tricks behind making that cover give a listen to the talented KEITH DRAWS over at the Kobo Writing Life blog.


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