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Sunday Word Count — 7k in 7 Days, and Other News

ralphieThe first part of the week was spent saying, “Um…this is hard again…it was supposed to get easier after book-2…” and struggling to reach 1k a day. Then around Thursday, I figured out the central conflict of book-3, and the words flowed very easily. I wrote 3k on Friday, 3k on Saturday, which means everything before Friday is sort of embarrassing, huh?

Witness the power of posting your weekly/monthly word counts.

I mean, I just wrote this big fancy thing on how I’d survived writer’s block — how embarrassing if I was stuck with it again, hmm? So I got up every morning, put my butt in the chair and did the best I could…and like most people who occasionally get lucky, I put myself in a position to receive enlightenment.

Other News:

Last night, I finished recording an interview with TJ Redig of Scrivener Soapbox, set to air sometime in December. I spent the week listening to his other podcasts and guess what?  They were great. Totally adding him in to my weekly self-pub podcasts. TJ’s a very cool guy and a great interviewer. Very friendly, which reminds me: haven’t you always wondered what happens after the recording ends? Does each side hang up? Do they sing songs and tell knock-knock jokes? Actually, we talked about movies a little, and also about TJ’s own writing. No knock-knock jokes — and you found that out here at john-l-monk.com!


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Reading “Write. Publish. Repeat.” now

I’m finally reading “Write. Publish. Repeat.”

It’s a book by the makers of the Self-publishing Podcast, and it’s pretty darn good so far (about 1/2 the way through). I can already tell it’s worth the purchase price of $5.99, and potentially worth much, much more in terms of my success as an indie author.  What’s funny (sort of) is that these guys are too successful to qualify for the “Awesome Indies” list.

But it doesn’t stop me from saying good job, now does it?


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The self-publishing podcast

An interesting new follower/followee with a cool blog had a link to this strange, scary thing called “The Self-Publishing Podcast.”  I’m listening to it now — pretty cool.

Click “past episodes” and enjoy.



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