New podcast: Kev & Steve’s Indie Publishing Adventure

Who said Twitter isn’t a good way to get the word out? I got a follow today and followed it to the page where you can see just who it is that followed you (me) out nowhere.  Lo and behold: an indie publishing podcast, newly minted.  What else am I going to do on a Friday night?

So I’m listening to it:

So far, sounds pretty cool.  Good voices, good personality.

** UPDATE **

Hey now — this was a very fun podcast. Sort of in the tradition of the “Self-Publishing Podcast” with Johnny/Sean/Dave, except more British and a little more focused.  Kev and Steve do talk about the craft a bit more, which I love. Also, they appear to be very aware of what’s going on in indie publishing, and they also follow the same podcasts that I do.  I’ll be listening to more.



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2 responses to “New podcast: Kev & Steve’s Indie Publishing Adventure

  1. Could be just coincidence, but on Nov. 2, ‏@tea_in_carolina tweeted
    @kevandsteve Join #IndieAuthors Kev (@lollujo) & Steve (@rb6k) on Indie Publishing Adventure Saturday on iTunes & at

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