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Funniest review of “Kick” — had to share


Lots of animated gifs, I love it.


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‘KICK’ back and relax in my fabulous interview session with John L. Monk!

My name is John L. Monk, and I’ve been interviewed by Logan Keys. It’s actually sort of a cool interview, she posted all these funny pictures in it. I mean, unless you don’t like funny pictures…

Logan Keys Fiction


“Right now “Kick” has 65 reviews on Amazon, and a 4.7 star rating out of 5. When I first published, I’d hoped people would like the book, but I never expected the reaction I’ve gotten. I had a top 500 Hall of Fame Vine Voice reviewer say it was “one of the more entertaining and unique books” he’d read that year. Another Vine Voice reviewer also gave me a great review, and multiple reviewers made statements requesting a sequel. Over on Goodreads, I have a 4.3 rating (43 ratings/16 reviews), which is pretty good for Goodreads. I’m hugely flattered.”John L. Monk

I know I’ve whetted your appetite for this for far too long! Here it is folks,
John L. Monk rocks the house with our very first Loganesque interview.

*cue music as John enters*

So John, are you as stoked about this interview as I am?

John: Uh huh…

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Take a walk on the dark side of the street for change…grab it while it’s free.

Now that it’s available for Kindle, I’ll be buying it…

< < Here’s the link for Amazon > >


Take a walk on the dark side of the street for change...grab it while it's free.

By Logan Keys

“Logan Keys takes you on a guided tour of the dark recesses of the human psyche. The writing is sharp and compelling, prodding you forward when your instincts are screaming “turn back” Author J Mathew Mckern
“Unhinged is a bleak foray into the Stygian depths of humanity’s nastier aspects.” Jim Adams

An assemblage of pure madness, Unhinged is a miasma quick fix for the horror junkie. Visceral and vicious, each morsel more disturbing than the last. Guaranteed to hijack your mind, these lost souls will stay with you long after the last page has been turned.

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