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Will Marck’s author & indie review blog

I was browsing kboards today when I came across this post. I was impressed. He’s sort of doing what I’m doing here with the Awesome Indies Project, except he’s more prolific 🙂  Go Will!

Kboards post:

I have decided to start reviewing books as the main source of blogging on my site.  http://www.willmarck.com.  It’s almost exclusive to indie books with few reviews.  The goal is to find hidden gems and hopefully help some unknowns get discovered.  I figure I should pay it forward.  I love to read, and love to discover new unknown authors, so why not?  Right?  I know from experience that it’s difficult to get the ball rolling when you’re new and barely have any reviews.  I do have some rules and information that can be found in more detail on the site.  Basically, I only read fiction, specifically humor, sci-fi, dystopian, horror, and technothrillers.  I am currently taking submissions for reviews.  If you are interested, check out the site, read the rules, and submit your book via email in the format I lay out on my review policies page.  Please only look into it if you’re an indie, that has under 100 Amazon reviews (not combined, just one title), is available on Amazon in Kindle format for under $2.99, and fits the genres above.  I won’t accept every book and I won’t review anything outside of the genres I’ve listed.  I will pay for each book and won’t accept any type of compensation.  I do have a page dedicated to my own works, but it stays there.  I don’t promote my work on the review pages.  All that I ask is that you consider subscribing to the blog or share my page on social media.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Please, please, please, read my rules before submitting.  Good luck to everyone and I hope success finds you!


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