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Dell Zero is here…

Ok, this message is to the 12.5 people out there who actually come to my sad little blog and read about my dumb word counts every week.  First of all, thank you, you rock.  Second of all, allow me to return the favor by telling you a rather astonishing piece of news: Dell Zero is now available on Amazon.

Dell Zero, by Carol Ervin, author of Girl on the Mountain, is hands-down one of the best dystopian sci-fi novels I’ve ever read (I beta’d it).  The story was so incredible, and the writing so good, that I recently offered to buy it for a friend of mine. And seriously, me buying stuff for people?  I don’t do that, I’m way too cheap. I mean look at the masthead on my blog — it’s my book cover, stretched wide.  Who does that, really?

dell-zero-ebookFor centuries, Vita-meds have kept the Chapter’s populace at peace and on task, constantly restored to youth and vigor. How wonderful it should be! But on meds, everyone forgets, and John doesn’t feel wonderful. Now his colleague is missing, and though no one in the Chapter ever disappears, John fears he may be next. And what is he to make of his colleague’s replacement, Dell? Is she an aberration, a worker who has survived for centuries without transformation, or an outlaw, one of the species who breed in the wild?
Even Dell doesn’t know where she came from. She’s grown up in the system without being part of it. If she’s not careful she’ll be branded an outlaw. She’s desperate to belong somewhere, maybe to someone, but in the Chapter, no one loves, and no one breeds.
The Chapter of the immortals is crumbling, threatened by sloppy work, sabotage and power struggles. While old-timers languish, newborns like Dell–-the ones who haven’t been transformed–-will save or destroy their world.



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Cool site I need to look into

At first glance, lots of great marketing tips for authors.



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One of the coolest author websites evah’

One of my favorite indie authors–Lindy Moone–has an amazing website for fans.  When you go there, be sure to click “Or come on in” to see all the coolness 🙂


Here’s her book (by the way):



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Big Publishing strikes again!

I was walking through the parking garage outside Barnes & Noble, straight from six hours spent signing e-readers for my new eBook, “Kick,” when, out of nowhere, three dark figures somersaulted from the shadows, surrounding me.

As one, they drew their swords.

I smiled.

“Ah, cool,” I said. “Ninjas”

“That’s right, scribbler, we are Ninjas,” the head ninja said.

I could tell he was the leader because his outfit looked the coolest, and his mask had an uppercase “B” on it.  After the stunning success of my five-day free promo at Amazon.com, through their KDP Select program, Big Publishing had sent these dark assassins to teach me a lesson.

“Hey, there’s a ‘B’ on you,” I said, pointing at him.

“What ‘B’?” the head Ninja said.

“That ‘B,’ on your head,” I said.

The head ninja’s eyes widened in sudden terror and, faster than a speeding Facebook Meme, his sword slashed upward, slicing the ‘B’ in two (twain?), embedding the sword four inches into his skull.

“Master!” one of the other two ninjas shouted, looking between his fallen master and me. “Noooo!”

“Why did you ask him that?” the one on the right shouted. “He is allergic to bees!”

“Well,” I said. “That’s good news then.”

“He’s dead, how can you say that?” the other one said.

I smiled and said, “He’s not allergic anymore.”

“You’ll pay for this, John L. Monk!”

“Yeah, you’ll totally pay–next time!”

Then they started walking away.

“Hey, there’s still two of you, what gives?” I called after them.

“He was our ride, asshole,” one of them said. “Now we gotta take the bus…”

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