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Great episode: Kev & Steve’s Indie Publishing Adventure w. Harry Dewulf

I first heard Harry Dewulf on the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast, episode #12. I thought he was amazing. On the RSP, he mainly talked about how he approaches editing, how writers should go about hiring an editor, etc.  Here he talks to Kev & Steve about the mistakes he found in the early chapters of their self-published book.  It’s sort of funny how he dishes it out — lots of self-deprecating jokes from the hosts over various mistakes they’d made, quite informative and fun. Harry ends the podcast talking about his editing services, the different tiers, etc.  A worthy episode in this up-and-coming indie publishing podcast.

Episode 6:


Harry Dewulf:

Kev & Steve:


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Marvelous interview with editor Harry Dewulf

I went sailing over the weekend with some friends of mine.  It was a 2 hour drive each way, and with time to burn I decided to listen to the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast. I was completely blown away by the interview with Harry Dewulf. He really cares about his craft, and the lengths he goes for his writers are above and beyond what I thought was possible in an editor-for-hire.

I immediately sent the link to the podcast to various friends. I also emailed Harry. He’s a great guy, even offered to Skype with me about my current work in progress, for free.  I had to decline, mostly out of  shame that the project isn’t as far along as I wanted it to be.  But I also told him I’m going to try to get him to edit it when it’s done.

Link: Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast with Harry Dewulf

Link: Harry’s Website…

Link: Harry’s Blog…


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