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Helping People In Need

Sometimes, when I’m walking the Earth and getting in adventures, I come across people in need.

Just the other day, I found a man stuck on a busy highway trying to get his car going.  He’d do with the key and it’d turn over like it wanted to start, but it wouldn’t. Then he’d do it again for more of the same.  Eventually, the battery died altogether.

Sighing, I leaned down and knocked on the driver’s side window. The man rolled it down.

“Can I help you?” he said, visibly irritated.

“Help me?” I said, with a knowing smirk. “I think you need a little more help than me, am I right?”

The man looked skeptical. “You know how to fix cars?”

“No, but I used to watch Happy Days.”

Then I leaned over the hood, bopped the sweet spot with my fist and said, “Aaaaaaay…”

The car roared to life.

“Wow, thanks mister!” the guy said, and drove away.

Over my goddamned foot.



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Neat artist who foolishly clicked “like” on one of my posts

Sometimes I click on people’s icons when they like my posts.  It’s the closest I can get to cyber-stalking and still keep out of jail.  Anyway, I clicked on Matt Gajdoš and discovered he didn’t have a link to any blogs on his Gravatar thing.  I may not be a very accomplished cyber stalker, but I like to think when I wanted to I could find this guy.  But I needed a plan…

  1. open a new tab
  2. go to “google.com”
  3. cut and/or paste “Matt Gajdoš” into the little white rectangle (I know, I’d risk crashing the internet with that weird “š” – but cyber stalkers are evil so whatever).
  4. click any likely initial links

Eventually I found his pinterest site – and man, this guy’s a great artist!

Very cool cartoons:


His blog:


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