Neat artist who foolishly clicked “like” on one of my posts

Sometimes I click on people’s icons when they like my posts.  It’s the closest I can get to cyber-stalking and still keep out of jail.  Anyway, I clicked on Matt Gajdoš and discovered he didn’t have a link to any blogs on his Gravatar thing.  I may not be a very accomplished cyber stalker, but I like to think when I wanted to I could find this guy.  But I needed a plan…

  1. open a new tab
  2. go to “”
  3. cut and/or paste “Matt Gajdoš” into the little white rectangle (I know, I’d risk crashing the internet with that weird “š” – but cyber stalkers are evil so whatever).
  4. click any likely initial links

Eventually I found his pinterest site – and man, this guy’s a great artist!

Very cool cartoons:

His blog:


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