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A quick thank you to all my reviewers


I come in peace!

The word on the street is it’s not cool for authors to go sending messages to readers on Goodreads and/or Amazon or other online stores. A lot of times, after reading a flattering and/or interesting review, I’ve wanted to reach out but have held back. I’ve wanted to thank readers for reading the book, giving me a chance, picking up the next book, telling their friends, or thank them for whatever it was they wrote in their reviews. However, the last thing I want to do is annoy someone or freak them out by showing up unannounced in their inbox.

But if you’ve come here to see what I have to say, I’m taking the gloves off: thank you all! You rock!




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Um, I just passed 50 reviews on Amazon…

About 3 hrs ago, I passed 50 reviews on Amazon. I’m absolutely staggered by this. What possesses otherwise sensible people to pick up my book, read it, and then tie their name to it publicly? Who knows what government watch lists you people are on now!

To all of you who’ve read my first novel: you have no idea how incredible it makes me feel. The fact that so many of you seem to have enjoyed it is even more incredible.



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The thing I love most about being published is…

Every day brings new surprises. Occasionally, readers contact me and tell me how much they liked the book, and these are my favorite surprises. Sometimes I get reviews on Goodreads.  Sometimes on Amazon.com.  Today, I went to Amazon.co.uk for no other reason than to see Kick selling in pounds-sterling (answer: £ 1.91).  But what I found there was just the tip of the iceberg: 3 reviews I didn’t know about, each 5 stars.  They’d come in over the last couple of days, following my free promotion.  It’s the neatest thing in the world to see people in another country reading and enjoying my writing.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be Big in Japan?


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