Um, I just passed 50 reviews on Amazon…

About 3 hrs ago, I passed 50 reviews on Amazon. I’m absolutely staggered by this. What possesses otherwise sensible people to pick up my book, read it, and then tie their name to it publicly? Who knows what government watch lists you people are on now!

To all of you who’ve read my first novel: you have no idea how incredible it makes me feel. The fact that so many of you seem to have enjoyed it is even more incredible.



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2 responses to “Um, I just passed 50 reviews on Amazon…

  1. Johanna Rae

    The quality of your work speaks for itself 🙂
    Now get back over to that word document, book two isn’t going to write itself… 😉

  2. Lol, I’m typing as fast as I can (*typing sounds*).

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