Kick is finally getting traction on iBooks

When I moved my books to Apple’s iBooks platform, I was sort of surprised that “Thief’s Odyssey” took off so well, and that “Kick” — my leading book on Amazon — did not. Today’s sudden appearance in the “Top Sci-fi & Fantasy” category on iBooks warms my cold, shriveled, heart. Now that sales are picking up, all I need to do is figure out which color Lamborghini best fits my rakish personality.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.21.21 AM



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12 responses to “Kick is finally getting traction on iBooks

  1. You’re really living high on the hog now, huh? 😛

  2. Yellow, definitely yellow. You want everyone to look at you, not just the ones that know what a Lamborghini looks like

  3. Orange. Yellow is for taxis!

  4. Kick looks gorgeous in the middle of that display! So happy…

  5. “Just what makes that little old ant…”
    If you decide on some other color than orange, you can buy me the orange one! And make it a VW minibus camper, please, so I can drive around America visiting all my writer friends.

  6. Jilly

    You look more like an Alfa Romeo guy to me…


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