Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast

I’d heard about this wonderful podcast from a post on, but they weren’t yet on iTunes so I held off listening. Now they’re on iTunes and I’m subscribed for life — this is a great podcast.

Incredible hosts:

One of the things I like about this podcast is they talk about self-publishing, primarily. They’re pretty focused. They go back and forth a lot, really think about the topics, and come up with great insights. For example, I just finished an episode where they talked about price points for various lengths/genres of books. Before that, I listened to an episode that talked about the mistakes they’d made when they first got into self-publishing.

Fun, smart, positive people.



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4 responses to “Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast

  1. stempadws

    Interesting, I was wondering what happened to this group. Based on the names, I think this is the podcast that grew out of the defunct SPRT…which is actually relaunching for the third time this week with one original host and two newbs. Have to give this one a shot.


    Thanks, Patrick

    Connect with me at

    • I listened to a few of those and liked them, but it’s hard to get enough back issues on my little podcast app so I have to watch them on my computer, vs. in the car as I prefer. Great folks. Curious about the relaunch 🙂

  2. Thanks, hopefully I’ll learn the magical trick I need to be doing to get more books out to people

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