Sunday Word Count. Wait for it…7,000 words.

ralphieOk, so I’m still stuck on 7k. I sure did try, a little. Actually, I got horribly stuck for two days, and then my main writing day — Saturday — was spent “doing stuff” (things other than writing and moping around waiting for inspiration to strike). It turned out “doing stuff” was sort of fun. I watched this amazing thing they play on TV called “football” — sounds like a lot of hooey, doesn’t it? Had a great meal at a friend’s house. I didn’t write another 1k words over there, either.  Still, it’s better to be moving forward and not backward.  I may eventually move backward on the word count, but this week I’m holding fast.

Just to put it all in perspective, I’ve cracked 58k — in total — for the work in progress.  I’ve thrown away maybe 10-11k (I forget exactly).


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