Enjoying “Kokomo’s: Flagler Beach Fiction Series”

So there’s this writkokomos_flagler_beacher guy named Armand Rosamilia, and he’s got this big fancy podcast thing (showoff), and he wrote this fiction series about Flagler Beach, a place where I once caught an enormous flounder when I was about thirteen years old.

What a great collection of stories. Love the characters, the description, the little insights, and found myself smiling and laughing a few times. Still not done with it, and I consider that a good thing — more joy to come.

Quick example of the quirky writing. In one story, a grumpy sort of grump is watching two young people sitting at a table, a guy and a girl. He observes: “Just a couple of young kids with a full life ahead, thinking they’d met their dream companion, and they’d spend the next fifty years in wedded bliss. Charlie wanted to go out there and punch them both in the face. Knock some sense into them.”  And in case you think that’s some sort of spoiler, you need to read this story to the end.  Beautiful, marvelous perfection. This was from the story “Maybe I Don’t Know.” I’m jealous.



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5 responses to “Enjoying “Kokomo’s: Flagler Beach Fiction Series”

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  2. I did some research and the flounder you caught was really small and it was an old shoe…


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