The “To Be Read” Podcast is reading my book

So there’s a cool podcast I started listening to a couple of months ago, after first hearing about it on Kboards. The reason I like it is because it’s presented by authors like me, talking about the books they love. More than that, they talk about books I’ve actually read before. Authors I admire, like Larry Niven, Patrick Rothfuss, Neil Gaiman, and Jim Butcher, as well as lots of indie authors I’m interested in reading. Because of this show, I’d put “The Martian” on my own personal To Be Read list. So what a joy when I found out today that Patrick Stemp is reading my book. He’s currently 1/4 in and seems to like it — and that’s good enough for me! Haha, I’ll take it. Tune in next week for when he passes judgment on the rest of the book (queue the ominous music).

Special thanks to host Jamie Maltman for having downloaded it and mentioning it to Patrick.

Hearing people talk about your book is probably the greatest thing about being an author, short of buying my own island with robot attack dogs. If you get a chance, why not check out the podcast?  They have a backlist of 28 episodes. Why not get started today so you’re caught up for episode 30 next week? 🙂



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3 responses to “The “To Be Read” Podcast is reading my book

  1. P.T. Hylton

    Cool! I love podcasts about reading even more than podcasts about writing. I’ll give it a listen!

  2. stempadws

    You can breathe easy on the passing judgement bit. I spent the latter part of Christmas day burning through Kick. Not a very festive read, but holy heck, was it good. I grabbed Fool’s Ride right away. Glad you’re enjoying the podcast, and thanks so much for sharing. I’m sure you’ll enjoy The Martian.

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