…and the power of confessing in public

One_Million_Years_BCLeanne Neanne and my wife over at dot2trot are big inspirations.  Yesterday, Dot posted her weekly weigh-in, and today I got my notification from Leanne that she’d also posted something. Lo and behold, she’s down 1.7 pounds this week. She also posted about her Fitbit gadget/thing, which allows her to keep track of all the running and jumping around she does.

Dot posted something similar the other day, and a guy at work has one and takes the stairs all the time and avoids the elevators. I get tired on elevators, but I’m a writer so it’s ok.

Back to the Fitbit: apparently you can compete with your friends about who’s struggling up the most flights of stairs and all that.  On the surface, this sounds crazy, right?  But humans are funny.  We love to win, we hate to lose, and this kept the dinosaurs from killing us a million years ago.

It’s a little like my Sunday word count thing: confession keeps me honest.  Mostly with myself. Net result? I get more done, and dinosaurs leave me alone.



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8 responses to “…and the power of confessing in public

  1. Are those the erotic dynosaurs?

  2. I certainly hope so 🙂

  3. I have a Wii Fit meter that ties everything in with Wii Fit U. It measures your steps and elevation changes and how many calories you’ve burned. I love it. There are gyms you can join, in game, and compete with other people you know or don’t know, I haven’t done that yet, but I do sync all my data and so far I’ve gathered enough elevation points to climb Mount Fuji and that’s just going up and down my stairs at home. It’s pretty neat.

  4. Nice! No one wants those dinosaurs getting in the way. 😉 I used to be more competitive with FitBit when I bothered checking my stats against others but eventually I stopped checking for some reason! I do like competing against myself, though.

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