Another Awesome Indie: Harvey Click, author of “The Bad Box”


Harvey Click (possibly evil)

Please welcome the possibly evil Harvey Click to the Awesome Indies list, which is conveniently located on the left side of my blog.  Each book on that side represents the finest that indie publishing has to offer: great editing, superb writing, and a wonderful story.

As I was saying: Harvey Click might actually be evil.  He probably gasses his car up 6.66 gallons at a time, that’s how evil he might be. If you were to say “Harvey Click” in the mirror 100 times at midnight, on Halloween, nothing would happen because that’s just silly…but it would sure creep you out.

On the advice of Lindy Moone, I eventually got around to reading “The Bad Box.”  This novel, hands down, is one of the finest examples of the horror genre I’ve ever read.  It certainly stands toe-to-toe with a book I thought unassailable: The Exorcist (yes, the book by William Peter Blatty — read it, it’s great).

How about a closer comparison? “The Bad Box” is more like a Dean Koontz story in that it pits good people against irredeemable villains. It also has some of the most loveable and human characters I have yet to read in any book, regardless of genre.  Several times, I found myself misting up a teensy bit, which is a big deal for a hunky guy like me. It turned out to be something stuck in my eye, though, so I’m still cool.


Let’s get back to the evil: the novel is dark. Very dark. But rather than relying on cheap thrills and/or legalized snuff (e.g., The Human Centipede), Click manages to expose the moral wasteland of what real evil actually is: ugly and sad and nothing more.

The book is not for kids, nor even kids at heart. It is dark literature with great depth, in a box, and it might just change you.

You’ve been warned.



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15 responses to “Another Awesome Indie: Harvey Click, author of “The Bad Box”

  1. I couldn’t agree more if you paid me.
    Wait. You aren’t gonna pay me, right?
    Just making sure…

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    And in the “I told you so” category:

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    This horror story is probably too dark for me, but I’ll take John’s word that the writing is good. Thanks, John L Monk, for your Awesome Indie Authors!

  4. P.T. Hylton

    Sounds right up my alley! I will definitely add it to my to-read list.

  5. Carol: it’s definitely too dark for you! But fans of Chuck Wendig would love it.

  6. Ten thousand and one thanks, John, and thanks too to you good folks who have reblogged it. One quibble, though, John: how do you KNOW that nothing would happen if you tried the mirror experiment? The last person who tried it hasn’t been seen since, though some people say they can hear him moaning in the wind at midnight.

  7. BTW, John, how did your Publisher’s Weekly review for ABNA come out? Mine was weak sauce.

    • Mine wasn’t great. They said some critical things up front, and ended it with a statement about how it has enough twists and turns to be a satisfying read. It was a little bit confusing, actually. Ah well, it was a 1 in 10k shot. Goodluck man!

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    We’re not the only ones in love with (and terrified of) Harvey.

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