Another addition to my Awesome Indie project

lame-novel-ecoverHooray, we have another great discovery to add to the list of awesome indies (left side of blog). Here are the rules of the project if you’re curious: (The Rules).

Dan’s Lame Novel, by Dan C. Rinnert, is anything but “lame.” It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read, and stupendously creative.  I highly recommend it.  If you buy it, make sure you read the “Dedication” and “Forward” in front, and don’t just skip over it like I almost did.  It’s actually part of the story, in a way, and explains the hilarity to come.

Here’s his website, which is also a hoot: (His Website).

Oh, and a big thanks to Lindy Moone for cluing me in to this talented author.  She also told me about Mark Capell late last year. One wonders who she’ll tell me about next…  Here’s Lindy’s review of Dan’s Lame Novel: (Lindy’s Review).


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