Thulsa Doom knows

It seems to me that the riddle of steel applies to writing.

We think, “oh we need a better cover” or “website” or some famous person to promote us, but in the end the power isn’t in the tool, it’s the hand that wields it.


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2 responses to “Thulsa Doom knows

  1. Which is why the tools will work, if they fit the hand.

    Someone wrote to me today, to say he’d bought my book solely on the power of my website — because it was so quirky and funny and crazy, he wanted more. He said sometimes it’s not the fancy cover or even the blurb, it’s the personality of the author that matters. If a writer seems like someone you’d like to know better… whose mind you want to wander around in… you naturally want to read their work.

  2. You do have an amazing website that reflects you’re in(s)ane personality 🙂 Awesome sale Lindy!

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