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Russell Blake weighs in on the state of indie publishing

Yesterday, I posted a link to an article by Smashwords creator Mark Coker (scroll down a little). In it, he talks about how sales are down for indies, and partially dings Kindle Unlimited for that. Now Russell Blake weighs in, though he doesn’t appear to be “replying” to Coker’s article. Perhaps great minds think alike?  I should write something like that and up my greatness!

But you know…whatever.  Here’s the link:


Money Quote:

So what’s an author to do? My strategy is to continue writing books I’d want to read, and hope that my readership grows over time, and feels that my stories and prose are a fair value at their $5 or so price point.

One of my favorite indie-publishing posts by Russell is his “Author Myths” series. If you want a little more curated Blake to sift, have a look at these:






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