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Things I actually believed when I was a kid…

When I was a kid, Uri Geller’s prime time appeal was just winding down, but I caught the tail end of it and believed humans could move objects with their minds if they reeeeeeally tried.  Then along comes Star Wars and other movies, and so I check in from time to time to see if the gift has somehow blossomed within me.  And I’m sure I look silly when, even today, I occasionally try to zap a coffee mug across a table 🙂

Other things I actually believed when I was a kid:

  1. the earth was hollow and we stuck to the insides when it spun, through centripetal force.
  2. if someone shot a gun at the sun they’d destroy the world (because it’d get too cold).
  3. ninjas could only be killed by other ninjas.
  4. if it rained while the sun was out, the “devil was beating his wife.”
  5. that if you said “bloody marry” 100 times in front of a mirror, at midnight, you’d get killed by a ghost (or something).
  6. Satanic cults were everywhere, just waiting to sacrifice me…
  7. the word “stupid” was a cuss word.
  8. one time someone squirted my head with a squirt bottle, which I thought was fertilizer, and I started crying. I thought I’d turn into a plant.
  9. if you had a large enough piece of paper, you could use it to make a paper airplane large enough to carry one or two people.
  10. if you wanted a crayfish to be your friend, you had to show it you trusted it not to pinch you when you stuck your finger in its claw (yeah, my “friend” tricked me with that).


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