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Official Release: “Fool’s Ride” — Book Two of The Jenkins Cycle

fools_rideThough the cat has been completely scared out of the bag by Carol Kean and P.T. Hylton (thanks!), I still think I should give an official send-off to “Fool’s Ride” — Book Two of The Jenkins Cycle.

Amazon Blurb:

Dan Jenkins is back, body hopping a scumbag at a time in his quest for the perfect ride. He doesn’t need much. Premium cable TV, good books, a well-stocked pantry, and he’s set. But the Great Whomever has other plans.

After six months waiting in limbo, Dan catches a ride as a horror novelist whose gruesome stories aren’t just fiction. Later, he hunts a man who’s escaped justice for far too long. Then, in his greatest challenge yet, he strays too deeply into the lives of the people he loves: his most foolish ride of all.

Compelling stuff, hmm? Makes you wanna buy the series for everyone in your address book, hmm? As blurbs go, I was a little worried when I wrote it — I didn’t want Amazon’s staff banning me for unleashing this devastating coupe de plume on their unsuspecting customers. But seriously, imagine if I’d flipped my writery wattage to eleven? Millions of people around the world would go bankrupt overnight from clicking “Buy! Buy!” over and over again. When the dust settled, emergency workers would find them slumped at their computers, exhausted and starved, clicking clicking clicking, staring forever at dark visions none can comprehend. Whew, huh? If you think about it, the world sort of owes me a little. But whatever.

Three Amazing facts about “Fool’s Ride” you’ll find only at john-l-monk.com:

  1. The stuff about stealing from Safeway was taken from my own experiences (all true).
  2. The author (me) used to work as a security guard while attending college in the 90s. I leveraged all that sitting around I did into one of the most action packed sequences of sitting around you’ll ever find in print.
  3. Like teenage Dan, I really did used to show up late for my first class every day — but you’ll have to read the book to find out why (sorry Amazon, I’m trying to tone down the wattage here, but… can’t… control.. my marketing powers…)

If you haven’t read book one yet, you can find it here: Kick, by John L. Monk. Don’t worry — this blurb has been cleared as safe for most readers.



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