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Lindy Moone book covers

She claims she makes book covers for love and not money, and yes I believe her. So don’t bother offering her thousands and thousands of dollars to make a cover (/laugh).

Seriously though, check out the great work:



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I love elipseseseses.  They always make things seem more interesting.  Except when used…to…excess…(…).

Some updates:

1) For anyone who followed and read my Carbivorous Rex post over on dot2trot,  you’ll be happy to know I walked past an absolutely delicious-looking cake from a party someone threw.  Normally I’d load up 2 pieces on a plate and shoot back to my desk, then grab my coffee cup and go fill up and grab another piece and bring that back with me.  Today?  Nada.  Didn’t even feel the urge.  The weirdest thing? I miss the urge.

2) Just heard back from my ecover designer.  He said he’d have 2 options available today sometime.  I expect 3d holographic projections and special inks that glow in the dark.  I’ll let you know…

3) I’ve just finished a major mark-up of my latest work in progress–a book about a thief.  Working title: Thief’s Odyssey. I hope to get the edits in today, but it’ll probably take 2-3 days since “Life Happens” when you get home.



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