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Great Indie Books #3: Cafe Insomniac, by Mark Capell

Please welcome Mark Capell to the “John L. Monk List Of Indie Authors Who Actually Don’t Suck And Who, In Fact, Kick Ass” list. Nobody goes on this list unless they fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Professional, nearly flawless editing.
  2. Memorable, quality writing.
  3. Good story.
  4. They meet a few additional requirements.

“Cafe Insomniac” is a strange, cozy, left turn from reality, somewhat reminiscent of Neil Gaiman, and yet very much its own unique story: timeless, mysterious, and more than a little dangerous. And fun.  I loved it.

Follow the link on the left under “Great Indie Books” to read the blurb and/or buy the book.

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