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Freebie Wednesday

kelly_lebrockOn a lark, I made “Kick” free today, with zero promotion. My only other free promos were both promoted: I notified various websites about it, and they posted it on their front page or emailed subscribers about it. A lot of work, hitting-up about 30 different places, each with their own ways to submit to them, each with their own guidelines, etc.  Some were paid spots with no way of telling how well that money worked for me (typically, $5-$20).

The first promo I did, shortly after release and zero reviews, got me about 700 downloads.

The second promo, 3 months later with about 15 reviews, got me at/around 3000 (about 2800 on the first day, and a severe drop-off after that).

So I’m curious what happens today.


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