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How a Goodreads juggernaut chooses her books

I just posted something about “jungle-search.com”.  Sorry for the back-to-back posts, but I just got permission to post Tammy K’s wonderful breakdown on how she chooses her ebooks.  It’s sort of fascinating:

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Tammy K, of Pro-Active Destruction says…

Yesterday, while on Facebook, I came across an author asking about her book’s blurb and cover. She was looking for ways to increase her downloads/sales.
I offered her some advice on her cover. Today I seen that she had ideas to improve her books blur (description).
The more that I thought about this conversation the more I pondered the ‘reasons’ that I download one book over another.
When I browse titles at any website, a couple of things are running through my mind before I even click on the books.
• I have X amount of time to shop.
• I have x amount of room on my kindle/cloud
• I have an interesting in reading w, x, y and z genres
• I have X amount of money left on my monthly eBook allowance.

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