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Author jitters!

Awesome Indie Carol Ervin launched a new book! She’s amazing, if you haven’t read her. She’s even more amazing if you had. Go check it out!

Welcome to the Mountain Women Series

It’s LAUNCH DAY, and launching a new book is always scary. My immediate launch worries are probably unfounded–mainly that parts of pages or even chapters may be lost in translation from one digital file format to another. So I check and recheck. Fortunately, both Microsoft Word (the original document format) and Kindle Direct Publishing (which converts the file to an ebook) have always been very reliable. Women's-War.Final

I have other worries which you might imagine, the kinds of things that would be my fault, but let’s not get into those.

The new book is number four in the Mountain Women Series. I hope it can be a stand-alone, though there’s a lot of past history for a new reader to catch up on. At the suggestion of my friend Michele, this time I included a list of characters in the front.

The new book is The Women’s War, and here’s what it’s about:

In 1918, Winkler…

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Losing Weight In Public — Week 3

What I’ve been up to over on Dot-2-Trot. My Dan Jenkins lifestyle is on hiatus.


Sad little fat man. Stuffing my face with carrot cake. Surprisingly skinny-looking photo. But then, I’m sitting, and I’m 6’5″.

Week 1 weight: 305 pounds
Last week’s weight: 300 pounds
Current Weight: 297 pounds
Weight lost since last week: 3 pounds
Total Weight lost: 8 pounds

Yes, I’ve renamed the series to “Losing Weight In Public.” I think it sounds nicer, and I think it’s more descriptive (inspired by Dean Wesley Smith’s “writing in public” series). Hope you agree!

I’m going on the third week of the experiment. So far, I’m fairly happy. I could be making better choices, and I could prepare myself better for various challenges. I have to get out of the mindset that eating is recreation (vs. fuel, which it is).

It’s not so much that I love food, it’s that I like eating. For other people, maybe that’s healthy. For me, it’s just a minefield full of cobblers and…

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Some Days I Wish I were Famous…

Check out the tomatoes on THIS lady’s site…


Let Me Tell You All a Story ’bout a Man Named Gregg…

The Broccoli Eaters e cover finalA long time ago and half a world away, I went to high school with a wiry, unassuming guy with big glasses. I knew he ran on the cross-country team; his pictures were in the yearbook. We had a few classes in common, so I also knew he had — was — a big brain. But I had no idea then that that brain behind those glasses could go on to be the undiscovered comic genius of our generation.

I don’t throw that word “genius” around irresponsibly. Gregg can make mercy-killing, male prostitution and even terrorism FUNNY. And boy, do we need some laughs right now.

Gregg Fedchak and I barely knew each other back in high school, so if anything is to blame for our long-distance collaboration, it’s Facebook. Out of the blue, Gregg sent me my very first friend request after…

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Last night on the TBR Podcast

If anyone’s curious, I was on the TBR Podcast last night, talking about “the books we love and the topics that interest us.” Author Kevin Tumlinson was also there, along with regular host Patrick Stemp (at least I think he’s regular…impolite to ask).


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Cubicle Diet – Lunch Ideas For Eating Healthy At The Office

Where my wife subjects me to a “healthy” dose of ridicule — in public 🙂


Looking for great lunch and snack ideas to spice up your lunches and keep that keeps the vending machine at bay? Check out Nom Nom Paleo for great, healthy lunchbox ideas.Looking for great lunch and snack ideas to spice up your lunches and keep that keeps the vending machine at bay? Check out Nom Nom Paleo (an awesome food blog you should bookmark!) for great, healthy lunchbox ideas.

My husband regularly comes home from work complaining about the assortment of donuts, bagels, Panera sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies and other carb-loaded, sugary temptations at the office. When he is home, I know he eats healthy because he eats what I give him. But for a man who proclaims “pie” as his favorite food group, that daily 9-5 grind is more problematic.

Sure I send him to work with healthy lunches, but are they appetizing? When I’m scrambling around in the morning to make his lunch, I’m going for convenience (for me). I never really thought my cooking was in competition with this processed junk.

Perhaps my lunches are too…

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Awesome Indie News: E.J. Robinson

Super excited to learn E.J. Robinson has released Robinson Crusoe 2245. Loved the first book, can’t wait to see what he did with this one.


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The Molasses Tsunami

Totally fascinating. Another reason to avoid sugar 🙂


The devastation wrought by the Great Molasses Flood The devastation wrought by the Great Molasses Flood

In 1919, there occurred an accident so strange and so devastating that, as I learned about it, I was stunned into silence for a few moments while I scratched my head and tried to figure out how the hell that could happen.

On the afternoon of January 15 in that year, the citizens of Boston’s North End were gong about their business when they felt a rumble, followed by a huge crash and then the machine-gun rattle of thousands of rivets as they began to pop.

It wasn’t an earthquake that was about to befall the neighbourhood but a tsunami, courtesy of the Purity Distilling Company.

A five-storey-high metal tank, measuring 50ft x 90ft had split open, releasing a wall of molasses. Patrolman Frank McManus was there to witness it. He called in the report from a police call box: “Send all…

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