Mentioned on the TBR Podcast again — and Carol Ervin too!

Ok, so Patrick from the TBR Podcast just read Fool’s Ride and seemed to really like it — spoiler, I know, sorry 🙂  Can’t keep a secret. Another secret I can’t keep is that he’s now reading Dell Zero by Carol Ervin! I think he’s going to love it, because it’s actually quite a page turner (if you have a Kindle, simply spin it around several times for the same effect).

As with all things exciting in my life, I um…arrive at around the 6 minute mark… Carol er…uh…arrives too, a little after me… Just sayin’.

Again, if you like the podcast, maybe pop them a review. The more reviews they get, the better traction they make in the iTunes store. That way everyone…er…um…gets theirs.



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4 responses to “Mentioned on the TBR Podcast again — and Carol Ervin too!

  1. Reblogged this on Carol Ervin's Author Site and commented:
    Always good to have friends in your corner!

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