Here is my interview with John L. Monk

An interview I had at Authors Interviews. If you’re curious about the salacious details, have a look 🙂



Name: John L. Monk

Age: 43

Where are you from: Virginia

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc:

I’m the oldest of two, with a younger sister. I barely graduated high school, then went to college and made the Dean’s List every year. I can’t do anything unless I’m interested in it, have a dog in the race, etc. Anthropology was a good major for a guy like me—interesting and just about useless at the same time. It gave me the veneer of intelligence without the threat of anyone expecting much from me. Thank goodness I had computer skills to fall back on.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

Well, my first book “Kick” is now permafree – meaning I’m giving it away to one and all for the bargain price of nothin’.  And I’m loving it. I get anywhere from 50-100 downloads a day, on…

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2 responses to “Here is my interview with John L. Monk

  1. I have to say I enjoyed that interview. Now I know a bit more about the man who loves [redacted].

    No crying in 30+ years? WTF, I must be a girl.

    Oh, and who doesn’t love karate, you say? I don’t know that I have anything against the art form itself, but I sure can’t stand to see any of it in films. *shrug* Tarantino has turned to dung.

    This reply can appropriately be considered pointless. And yet, here it is.

    • Thanks for reading it Mike. I loved the Kill Bill movies — I must be a dung lover 🙂 I do wish Tarantino would make another movie sort of like Jackie Brown (ie., a more standard plot, done his special way).

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