Russell Blake: 2015 Predictions

Love this guy’s advice on indie publishing. Definitely worth reading:

2015 Predictions.


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3 responses to “Russell Blake: 2015 Predictions

  1. This depressing me every time I read it. KU is the worst.

    • Heh, yeah I’m not a fan of KU. Blake makes an interesting point, in that KU (and even free) is conditioning readers to think books aren’t of much value. And yet, free is my biggest tool for getting my work out there. For Blake, his biggest marketing tactic is “write more books” but then he lives in Mexico and is a full time writer. Even then, I think “Jet” is permafree.

  2. Rather depressing stuff, which means I’m prone to agree with it. My prediction for 2015 is that even if I write ten brilliant novels while standing on my head and whistling Mahler’s 9th, I won’t make any money.

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