Word count, just barely: 7000


I’m the one who knocks!

This week was hell from a word count perspective. I actually wrote more than 7000, but ended up backspacing away a good 1000 words because it wasn’t what I wanted. Also, Christmas is coming up, and I’ve had to do some other things besides writing. So finding the time to write got a little harder last week. That said, in all honesty: I still had way more time to write than you can possibly imagine. But I seem to need a lot more time to come up with anything good. Witness the 1000+ deleted words.  Still, Scut’s down for the count as of last night.




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4 responses to “Word count, just barely: 7000

  1. John, how much time do you spend on mindless chores like vacuuming, dusting and dishes? I do a lot of writing “inside my head” – eavesdropping on my characters, watching scenes unfold.Probably 99% of what I see never gets put down on paper. But when I do write a new scene, it’s usually something that already survived a “trial balloon” while I was ironing or dealing with laundry.

    • I do a lot of thinking about the story when I’m doing other things. I still bring both good and bad ideas with me when I go to write though, and this time around I had a lot of bad ones 🙂

  2. I only wrote one day this week. I dread having to give my number written at the end of the month. That one day was over 2k words so I might actually meet my goal, but I really slacked off writing this month. All that to say it could be worse lol

    • 2k in a day is awesome. I think it helps to force yourself to sit down in a space for x amount of time every day, even if it means you don’t write a damn thing. My big issue seems to be the transition to an early morning writing schedule — sleep issues going to bed so early. But that’s where I ideally want to be, whether I’m having good ideas or bad: sitting in the seat.

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