Tangles and Thorns by P.T. Hylton (Awesome Indie Alert)

tangles_and_thornsAwesome Indie P.T. Hylton has released Tangles and Thorns, a fantasy novella. I’ve read it and found it fascinating–particularly the very P.T. magic system he designed. Anyone who’s read Regulation 19 will know what I mean by “very P.T.”

Glides move objects in a blur. Tangles protect, and balms cure. Shimmers change the way we see, and thorns can hurt your enemy.

Assassin Zane Halloway has been hired to kill Irving Farns, a reclusive genius whose innovations brought about a golden age of magic. Zane and his apprentice will need to infiltrate the mysterious Abditus Society and find a way to assassinate the world’s leading expert in protective magic.

THORNS AND TANGLES introduces a world of magic, mystery, and assassins. This is the first in a series of novellas, but it also stands alone as a complete story.




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7 responses to “Tangles and Thorns by P.T. Hylton (Awesome Indie Alert)

  1. P.T. Hylton

    Thanks man!

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  3. Sounds interesting, John. I just bought a copy.

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